"Just give me Moisture!" (6oz,)Moisturizing Soufflé with Murumuru Butter and Lemongrass (light weight formula)

"Just give me Moisture!" (6oz,)Moisturizing Soufflé with Murumuru Butter and Lemongrass (light weight formula)

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This 6 oz. hand crafted made to order, creamy whipped butter is packed with premium ingredients, nourishing organic butters such as Murumuru, Kokum and Mango. Vitamin enriched essential oils, Black Seed and Jojoba Oil to name a few, that will transform dry, damaged, lifeless hair. It is melts on contact and is fast absorbing, non-pore clogging and will provides your hair with the needed nutrients to moisturize. As well as dry thirsty scalps, aids in stimulating hair growth, as well as frizz control. A little goes a long way.

To add moisture to dull, dry, brittle, damaged and even lifeless hair. Helps to prevent breakage,  while strengthening your hair, promoting growth and restoring your hair back to its natural healthy shine. Can be used as a heat protectant for blow outs, Anti-frizz control. As well as a moisturizer for natural/virgin hair, chemically treated hair and use while you’re wearing your protective styles.

Directions: apply a quarter size amount ( or as much as desired) to wet hair for blow out, twist styles, braids etc. or use as a daily moisturizer applied to your scalp. This product handmade with essential oils and all natural butters. It is 100% all natural. *For best results keep water out of container.*

This product is 100% all natural and is:
*Alcohol free
*Paraben free
*Sulfate free
*100% Vegan
*UDSA Approved Essential Oils Used
*No additives or preservatives

(Results on hair may vary)